Features & Benefits






The Armour Load Anchors have numerous benefits over conventional tie down anchor systems. These include the following:

Flush Mounted or recessed
Self Cleaning - do not hold dirt/sand
Compact yet offer greater capacity
Do not hold water
Easy to Install
Easy to Use
Won't freeze
Multi-dimensional pull
Made of high quality steel throughout
Designed specifically for chain hooks or can use slip hook on all Armour Load Anchors
Options exists to replace the rub rail and increase deck size or alternatively use the Armour Load Anchors as spaces for the rub rail




Key Features






Self Cleaning






Minimising Freeze Points






Patented Design Features








Easy to Install




The Load Anchors can be fitted to new decks/bodies or retro-fitted.


Their Shape is easy to cut into a deck/skin
The Load Anchor provides a solid edge to weld to
Comes as a complete unit - no need to make up
Quick to install ~ 2 minutes to install
Designed to accommodate a cross member if required
Cost effective to install c.f recess D rings (est >US$50/unit)


The new Utility Load Anchors are even easier to install as they have the option of being screwed into the deck. Click Here for more details on installation.


Health & Safety




The Armour Load Anchors eliminate the need for ice picks to free anchors in cold climates, and hence the risk of injury.


Likewise the flush mounting reduces the risk of ankle & leg injuries when walking on a deck!


Multi-dimensional Pull




The Armour Load Anchor is rated for a mult-dimensional pull as shown below: