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World leader in innovative engineering solutions for the transport industry

Armour Transport Technologies Limited (ATT) is a world leader in innovative engineering solutions for the transport industry. Located in New Zealand, ATT's relative geographic isolation has meant it has had to find solutions to its clients' needs, with many of these solutions having worldwide applications.
Over the years ATT has patented a number of these solutions and is now embarking on a commercialisation strategy to market its range of innovative technologies worldwide.
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Armour Load Anchors

Stronger, Faster, Safer and More Efficient Way to Secure Freight

The Load Anchors are a patented new method of securing items direct to the decks of trucks in the freight industry. Sometimes referred to as anchor points, the revolutionary design allows the unit to be raised during operation but stored flush to the deck when not in use. This technology provides higher load stability and cleaner more efficient methods of attachment for securing load harnesses to the truck deck.
Capable of being retro-fitted to existing truck decks or custom fitted during the construction of new truck bodies the Load Anchor (or anchor point as referred to in some markets) has the potential to be the industry standard for a previously unanswered problem.

  • Flush Mounted
  •  Self Cleaning
  •  Easy to Install
  •  Easy to Use
  •  Won't clog or freeze
  •  Safer operation
  •  Certified
The Load Anchor provides a means of securing loads to transport vehicles which was previously achieved through less rigorously compliant methods. The Load Anchor improves the system of load restraint at high weight tolerances and provides a quick and efficient means for securing a wide variety of payloads.

Armour Crouching Truck

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Truck!

ATT has designed a modified chassis and sub-frame which allows the truck deck to lower and sit on top of the rear wheels during loading. This enables quick loading and unloading of self propelled vehicles and plant. The technology gives the impression that when the deck tilts the truck pulls its own axle up under the deck until the deck skin (ie the top layers of the deck) is hard down on the tyres.

  •  Quick Loading
  •  Quick Unloading
  •  Lower Angle Deck
  •  Wider Use
  •  No Hump
  •  Safer operation
  •  Certified
ATT is looking for partners to commercialise this technology in each region - if you are interested then please contact us

Armour Crouching Trailer

Revolutionary Innovative Drive On Design

The New Armour Crouching Trailer provides easier, faster & more efficient loading. Simply push a button to lower the end of trailer to the ground for loading. 3.5T gross weight - designed to carry 2 cars without road user charges (under New Zealand regulations).

  •  Quick Loading
  •  Quick Unloading
  •  Lower Angle Deck
  •  Wider Use
  •  Safer operation
  •  Certified
Armour TT Crouching trailer


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