Load Anchors






The Load Anchors are a patented new method of securing items direct to the decks of trucks in the freight industry. The revolutionary design allows the unit to be raised during operation but stored flush to the deck when not in use. This technology provides higher load stability and cleaner more efficient methods of attachment for securing load harnesses to the truck deck.




Flush Mounted
Self Cleaning
Easy to Install
Easy to Use
Won't clog or freeze
Safer operation





Capable of being retro-fitted to existing truck decks or custom fitted during the construction of new truck bodies the Load Anchor has the potential to be the industry standard for a previously unanswered problem.


The Load Anchor provides a means of securing loads to transport vehicles which was previously achieved through less rigorously compliant methods.


The Load Anchor improves the system of load restraint at high weight tolerances and provides a quick and efficient means for securing a wide variety of payloads.







The new generation Load Anchor come in the following models (sizes):




The working load limit (WLL) is defined as the maximum load that a load anchor should receive during regular use. In North America the WLL is typically one-third (1/3) of the Breaking Strength capacity.
1,000 daN is approximately 1,000kg or 2,200lbs.
10T & 18T Load Anchors (10,000 daN & 18,000 daN respectively) have been designed but are not commercially produced yet - please contact Armour Transport Technologies Ltd if you receive interest in these sizes from a customer.
The new designs meet the stringent EU Lashing requirements.







The Armour Load Anchor is designed to restrain a chain or other suitable load bindings. The direction from which a load may be applied is shown below:



The Armour Load Anchor consists of an "eye" for attaching the load binding, a sealing plate (Armour Push plate) and a housing. The Armour Push Plate has no structural function and is loose fitting so that it expels dirt when it is moved either by hand or movement of the vehicle. The eye may be raised by pressing down on the Armour Push Plate through the hinge end of the hole in the eye. For this reason and because the eye swings down at the hinge end it is important that the underside of the housing is left open and clear of obstructions.